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The only betting guide you need to succeed for the 2022 MLB season, jam packed with over 100 pages of insightful strategies and predictions!

  • Future Odds & Predictions: World Series, AL & NL Pennant, AL & NL MVP, AL & NL Cy Young, AL & NL Rookie of the Year, and more!
  • How to Bet on Baseball: Strategies and comprehensive how-tos on Moneylines, run line, totals, first-5, props and futures!
  • 2021 Season Recapped: Notable highlights for the advantage bettor to keep in mind when considering the upcoming 2022 season.
  • Preview of the 2022 Season: An in-depth analysis of each team and key players to inform your betting strategies this season.
  • 5 Advanced Betting Strategies You Need to Know: Umpires, Bullpens, Line Value, Advance Stats, Weather.

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